Eastern Nigeria - Tears on Her Pillow portrays the story of a young girl Chika, whose determination to survive the harsh realities of life sees her through. Coming from a humble Christian background she faces family financial obstacle, and as life with its twists and turns interferes, she forfeits her education for her younger ones to continue. She falls in love with the city boy only to have her dreams shattered by his past life. Was it real or was it blackmail?

Tears on her Pillow


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Obianuju Chiamaka Amamgbo


Thriller - the story of Ikenna whose hidden past re-surfaces in his life to haunt him. His arch enemy and leader of their notorious gang has been plotting revenge after he was released from prison. He kept close contact with him from a distance and managed to get his claws on one of his sons which threatened the destruction of the once happy family. Ikenna is faced with reliving the past he fought so hard to bury. He has to decide whether to come clean with his family and risk losing them, or to keep his secret and save them the looming agony of his ugly past. Nonye is equally forced by the ugly circumstance to make a choice.Will the high moral lawyer bend the law to save her husband and family, or will she save her career at the expense of her family?

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